Products from Sonobond related to Nonwovens, Textiles​.

Sonobond Ultrasonic Bonders Offer Unique Advantages for Nonwovens, Textiles and Filters.

SeamMaster® Ultrasonic Sewing Machine

SeamMaster® High Profile Ultrasonic Sewing Machine

SeamMaster® Ultrasonic Sewing Machine:

  • Versatile, general purpose machine works just like a traditional sewing machine
  • Cuts, "sews" and trims in one pass
  • Available in variety of stitch patterns
  • Applications: Medical disposables, filters, protective products, and thin film packaging
  • Operates without the use of thread, glue or other consumables
SeamMaster® High Profile Ultrasonic Sewing Machine:

  • Versatile, general purpose machine operates just like a traditional sewing machine
  • Features a large pattern wheel and high clearance above the bench for bulky materials and hand-guided operations
  • Virtually eliminates fraying or unraveling of bonded edges and seams
  • Requires minimal training to operate
  • Seals the outer shell of body armor. This enables the armor, with ballistic-resistant materials inside, to pass the current National Institute of Justice (NIJ) submersion tests. Per NIJ 0101.06, wet conditioning standards now require protection from submersion for 30 minutes rather than protection from a spray shower

SeamMaster® 10 Ultrasonic Sewing Machine

SeamMaster® Ultrasonic Modules for OEM's

SeamMaster® 10 Ultrasonic Sewing Machine:

  • Designed for table mounting
  • Ideal for patterns up to 10mm wide
  • Seams, cuts or trims synthetic fabrics and films without thread, adhesives or other consumables
  • 16” x 20” working area
  • Operates at up to 60 feet per minute
SeamMaster® Ultrasonic Modules for OEM's:

  • Provides OEM's with a cost-effective means to incorporate seaming, slitting, crosscutting, and trimming into special purpose machinery
  • Runs problem-free in continuous operation
  • Trims and seals in one pass, without thread, glue or other consumables
  • Single, multi-, or dual head arrangements
  • Available in a variety of easy-to-change stitch and slit pattern wheels

LaceMaster™ Ultrasonic Lacing, Quilting & Embossing Machine

SureCut™ Ultrasonic Cutters/Sealers

LaceMaster™ Ultrasonic Lacing, Quilting & Embossing Machine:

  • Over 500 roller patterns available
  • Embossing, quilting, and lacing
  • Patterned trims up to 2-7/8 inches wide
SureCut™ Ultrasonic Cutters/Sealers:

  • One-step cutting and sealing
  • Ideal for ribbons, trims, Velcro, and labels
  • Available in hand-held single cut or for loom-mounted operations

PlungeBonder™ Ultrasonic Textile/Filter Bonder

RingMaster™ Ultrasonically Attaches Collars to Filter Bags

PlungeBonder™ Ultrasonic Textile/Filter Bonder:

  • Easily bonds large pieces or hard-to-bond materials
  • Handles thick and multi-layer materials
  • Ideal for producing box-style filters and sealing ends of filter bags
  • Custom tooling enables straps made of coated synthetic material to be bonded within the seam of a ballistic vest's outer shell. This separate operation does not compromise the integrity of the ultrasonically sealed outer shell so the body armor continues to comply with current NIJ submersion requirements.
RingMaster™ Ultrasonically Attaches Collars to Filter Bags:

  • Attaches heavy-weight felted filter bags to rigid plastic collars
  • Strong, reliable bonds are completed in less than 10 seconds
  • Eliminates stitch holes that cause leaks, and thread that can get caught in pumps
  • Fast, easy re-tooling accommodates varying bag sizes and collar diameters
  • Produces up to 250 bags per hour

Ultrasonic Filter Collar Bonder™

Ultrasonic Cylinder Arm Machines

Ultrasonic Filter Collar Bonder™

  • Attaches nonwoven filter bags to plastic, circular collars
  • Creates a reliable 360° bond in as little as 45 seconds
  • Bonds without adhesives or stitching
  • Fast, easy re-tooling accommodates varying bag sizes and collar diameters
  • Easy to operate with only minimal training
  • Produces 50-80 bags per hour
Ultrasonic Cylinder Arm Machines:

  • Available in around-the-arm and off-the-arm models
  • Specialized functions for cuffs, sleeves, collars, pant legs, and filters
  • Optional arm extension for filtration applications

Hand-Held Ultrasonic Cutters/Bonders

Hand-Held Ultrasonic Cutters/Bonders:

  • Performs spot welds with exceptional control and accuracy
  • Ideal for cutting and bonding delicate plastic components, lightweight synthetics, nonwovens and plastic films
  • Eliminates the need for mechanical fasteners, adhesives and heat soldering
  • Can be configured for manual or production line applications
  • Automatic frequency control and overload protection
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