MSV 600 from m-Solv.

MSV- 600
The MSV-600 multi-functional manufacturing tool is a modular production platform, which enables sheet to sheet processing as well as reel to reel processing for large area electronics. It is primarily designed with a double gantry stage system, where combinations of laser and optics configurations can be installed. Depending on end user applications, the platform can be equipped with a CO2 laser, fed to fixed optics for cutting flexible plastic substrates, it can support multiple scanners and is directly fed by fibre lasers for laser patterning of various transparent conductors. The double gantry minimises the tool footprint, as the process heads move in x and y, while the substrate remains stationary. The tool can handle substrates up to 1.6m x 0.65m in size, at stage speeds greater than 1m/s. The design is suitable for high throughput and large-sized (e.g.50” touch panels or displays) applications.

Together with M-Solv's advanced R2R technology, the tool can handle and process thin flexible glass of 25µm-200µm (an emerging substrate material), as well as incumbent flexible plastic substrates.

As well as the fixed laser beam and multiple laser scanner options, the tool also has the ability to hold multiple inkjet print heads, it can combine laser process heads and inkjet print heads for advanced manufacturing, creating a hybrid process solution.
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