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OYSTER® - Laser Table System
This compact system offers an economical entry into laser marking. The table system delivers outstanding results for individual parts and small-scale series for a wide range of different materials. The OYSTER® is used whenever small parts are to be marked or engraved quickly, flexibly and to a high quality standard.

Due to the table layout, the machine can easily be set up at any workstation. Areas of application for the OYSTER® are predominantly the jewelry, medical and tool industries, advertising and wherever it had not been possible to use laser marking and/or engraving in the past for reasons of available space or cost.

The OYSTER® II offers a further software-controlled x-axis above and beyond the OYSTER®.The processing area is significantly enlarged, while the external dimensions of the machine remain compact. The OYSTER® II is also a laser table system and offers maximum laser precision with a very small footprint.

Laser Marking and Laser Engraving with the OYSTER® by ACSYS:

The OYSTER and OYSTER II are ideally suited for laser marking. The material of the workpieces determines the respective processes and energy requirements. Almost all materials can be marked with a laser.

The OYSTER offers all of this:

  • Annealing marking
  • Engraving marking
  • Deep marking
  • Foaming
  • Carbonizing
  • Deep engraving
  • 2.5D & 3D engraving (restricted function)

(Sample configurations can contain options.)

ACSYS Lasertechnik also offers customer-specific configurations. 
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