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ORCA® - Laser Machining Center
This large-capacity system by ACSYS offers maximum flexibility with regard to the size and weight of a wide range of very different workpieces. Due to the flexible workspace, even large and heavy workpieces can be loaded easily and marked and/or engraved in any location. The wide-opening doors also allow the loading of workpieces using a crane.

The ORCA® in Action:

Palletized workpieces can be processed automatically. With up to five NC- controlled axes, the ORCA has a machining surface of at least 2900 x 1000 mm, thus providing maximum flexibility even for fully automated operations.
The ORCA in this film offers three axes and an electric Galvokopfschwenkung (optional, more or less axes are possible) that allows a multi-machining of most different components.

The ORCA® with Adjustable Control Panel:

The door concept is based compared with its predecessor on a corner solution, which allows a much easier accessibility of the working area. Large, bulky workpieces can be loaded via the wide-opening doors with the forklift or by crane.

The new control console of ORCA is slidably and simplifies setting up of the laser system enormously.

The machine bed of the laser system and the massive traversing column are made of granite and give the laser system the necessary stability for highest repeatability.

(Sample configurations can contain options.)

ACSYS Lasertechnik also offers customer-specific configurations.
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