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EAGLE® - Laser Digitizing System
Laser digitizing is based on the conoscopic holography method, allowing the creation of extremely precise 3D digital images of all surfaces, plaster models, punching dies or working directly from a wide range of very different workpieces.

[Laser digitization of an old coin.] The resulting 3D file can be used for production and reproduction and can be easily processed in the CAD software. The advantages of this non-contact method are high speed and small measuring grid distances. Absolute accuracy of 2 μm can be achieved with the replaceable lens system.

Conoscopic holography offers the greatest precision and repeatability over a wide range of applications. The EAGLE EYE, the heart of the EAGLE, is also available as a modular option in the ACSYS laser systems.

(Sample configurations can contain options.)

ACSYS Lasertechnik also offers customer-specific configurations.
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