TLS-Dicing™ Explained

Enabling technology for fast, clean, and cost-effective wafer dicing

TLS™ Technology
Process steps of TLS-Dicing™

TLS-Dicing™ (Thermal Laser Separation) is a unique technology for separating wafers into single chips in semiconductor back-end processing. TLS-Dicing™ uses thermally induced mechanical stress to separate brittle semiconductor materials, like silicon (Si) and silicon carbide (SiC) wafers.

TLS-Dicing™ is an ideal solution for wafer dicing that has many advantages compared to competing technologies, such as the currently established method of mechanical sawing as well as laser ablation. These include:
High separation speed (e.g., 200 mm/s for SiC or 300 mm/s for Si)

  • Very smooth edges (reduces leakage current of diodes)
  • Clean and nearly dry process
  • Nearly no chipping and micro cracks for less breakage
  • Thin back side metal can be separated without damage
  • No tool wear
  • Lower cost of ownership due to no tool wear and nearly no consumables
  • Zero Kerf cleaving process for reduced street width, enabling more die per wafer
  • Applicable to larger diameter substrates (e.g., 300 mm)

  • Initial scribe as defined starting point
  • Local laser heating combined with subsequent cooling
  • Induced stress opens and guides a cleave through the wafer

Advantages of TLS-Dicing™

Benefits for your product:

  • Perfect side walls free of chipping and micro cracks with superior bending strength
  • Particle-free machining / no heat affected zone
  • Forceless and contactless machining
  • Independent of lattice plane
  • Separation of back side metal without peeling in same step
  • Dicing of material stacks is possible
  • No changes of electrical properties (e.g., pn-junction-cutting)
  • Resizing is possible

Cost advantages and efficiency:

  • Higher throughput due to higher process speed
  • Increased yield due to reduced street width
  • Minimal cost of ownership due to no tool wear and no special consumables
  • Reduced number of process steps by eliminating need for protective coating and/or adjacent cleaning
  • No damage to the dicing tape
  • Enabling new products (e.g., pn-junction-cutting)
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