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TLS-Dicing™ System for Separation of SiC Wafers
3D-Micromac’s high-performance microDICE™ laser dicing system separates wafers into dies using TLS-Dicing™ technology (Thermal-Laser-Separation). microDICE™ significantly reduces the dicing cost per wafer compared to traditional separation technologies. At the same time, cleaving with microDICE™ provides outstanding edge quality while increasing yield and process throughput. This is particularly true for silicon carbide (SiC) substrates, which are hard and brittle.


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microDICE™ offers:

  • Significantly higher throughput, with dicing speeds up to 300 mm/s
  • Minimal cost of ownership
  • The ability to produce more dies per wafer by reducing street width


The microDICE™ standard system configuration consists of:

  • Cleaving function
  • Soft scribe function
  • Micro stretching function


  • Automated wafer handling
  • Second unit for scribing
  • SECS/GEM interface
  • Filter fan unit
  • Drying unit

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